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White wine tasting box

White wine tasting box

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The perfect introduction to natural wines for white wine lovers. Not too crazy and yet full of character, this is a wide selection of wines that go well with a variety of situations and accompaniments. White wines from Germany, Austria and France.


Contents of the box:


En Equilibre

A beautifully balanced Riesling, a grape often seen in Alsace. The wine has a pleasant acidity, is slightly mineral and shows primarily apple fruit notes.


A light, fruity white wine with fine acidity. A perfect introduction not only to natural wine but also Matthias' wines.

La Boheme

Light, balanced and refreshing. Almost an all-rounder that can be enjoyed on its own, with fish or seafood or even with pasta.

Big Nature White

You just have to love the Big Nature line of Schmelzer. Easy to drink wines that are made to be enjoyed in a group. This light, fresh wine is best drunk chilled without any accompaniment.

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