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Wildbox - Try new wines every month

Wildbox - Try new wines every month

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The Wildbox is for those who always like to discover new wines. We pick exciting, diverse wines every month and send them to your door.

The Wildbox:

  • 3-5 of our most exciting wines, every month at a fixed price.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy always trying something new
  • Wildbox subscribers always get the newest wines first

The Wildbox subscription:

  • It doesn't get more flexible than this: can be cancelled monthly, no minimum term, plus you can pause or skip a box at any time
  • As often as you like: monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months
  • Save up to 10 EUR with the subscription compared to buying the bottles individually

The Wildbox in September 2022 - Beaujolais Special

Beaujolais Rouge

The classic Beaujolais Rouge made from Gamay grapes grown by Sylvére not far from his estate in Blacé. Diverse fruity notes, fine but present tannins and a nice acidity make this wine a light red that can be drunk with some dishes or all by itself. We recommend: drink it chilled!

Beaujolais Villages Rouge

Fruit, acidity and tannins live together in perfect harmony in this wine. A slight earthiness makes the wine exciting, drinkable and a pleasure to drink at the same time.

La Bulle Pét Nat

Once again, something special from Sylvere that you really don't find often in Beaujolais: Pét Nat. It's made from 100% Gamay, the typical Beaujolais grape used for red wine. It sparkles quite strongly for a Pét Nat, almost like a Crémant. The strong acidity and a wide variety of fruit notes combine to create a great, exceptional sparkling wine that is perfect for special occasions.


Beaujolais Rosé? You rarely see that indeed. However, the Gamay grape is perfectly suited. Sylvéres Rosé is light, with refined incorporated acidity has a refreshing effect and at the same time this rosé has a certain earthiness, including notes of various herbs.

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