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Beginner tasting box

Beginner tasting box

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The perfect introduction to natural wines. Not too crazy and yet full of character, this is a wide selection of wines that go well with a variety of situations and accompaniments. Two white wines, one rosé and two red wines.

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Contents of the box:

La Boheme

Light, balanced and refreshing. Almost an all-rounder that can be enjoyed on its own, with fish or seafood or even with pasta.

Rouge de Saint Hippolyte Vieilles Vignes

From vines planted in 1961, this Pinot Noir is relatively strong for this grape. Many different fruit notes make this wine particularly interesting to drink. A great red wine that you can serve with a slightly lighter meal.

À Griffes Acérées

Alsatian Riesling par excellence. Fruity, dry and light. The typical petrol note of Riesling is there, perfectly balanced by light minerality, acidity and fruit notes.


Beaujolais Rosé? In fact, you rarely see that. But the Gamay grape is ideal. Sylvéres Rosé is light, with cleverly integrated acidity that has a refreshing effect and at the same time this Rosé has a certain earthiness, including notes of various herbs.

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