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Pet Nat box

Pet Nat box

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Pet Nat is the natural way to make sparkling wine, with no added sugar and yeast (like champagne) but just what's already there. These 3 Pet Pet Nats are equally delicious, yet very different. A rosé, an orange and a blanc all three convince in their own way in taste, and yet all with an exciting taste profile and gentle perlage.


Schmelzers Weingut - Pet Nat Dion Rosé

A pet-nat that offers a wonderfully fresh drinking experience with notes of dark berries and fine acidity.

Achillée - Pétillant Naturel

For those who have never drunk Pet Nat, this is a great place to start. Light, fresh and not too crazy, this wine offers a great drinking experience.

Domaine Muller-Koeberlé - Pétillant Naturel Bubble Rainette

Rainette is a Pet Nat that does not aspire to be ordinary. The juice comes from Riesling grapes and is fermented on Muscat skins, where it gets it's great color and extraordinary flavour. Refreshing tropical fruit notes, exciting and easy to drink.

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