Was ist Pet Nat?

What is Pet Nat?

In short, Pet Nat is just one thing: natural sparkling wine. It is no coincidence that many Pet Nats are made by winemakers who also make natural wine. But why is Pet Nat on everyone's lips now and above all: what is it actually?

How does the foam get into the wine? In order to produce sparkling wine, either sugar and yeast must be added to the wine, as in the method champenoise (also called method traditional). The yeast then consumes the sugar and produces CO2 and alcohol. Since this happens in a bottle, the emitted CO2 is then pushed back into the liquid. This method is used for champagne and crémant, for example. With Prosecco, this happens in a tank. Many natural wine vintners refrain from adding yeast and sugar, leaving only the method ancentrale, which is used for Pet Nat.

Pet Nat is the sparkling wine without additives

With Pet Nat, instead of adding yeast and sugar, they simply use yeast and sugar, which is already in the juice anyway. Natural wine vintners never add yeast for fermentation, but rely on spontaneous fermentation, i.e. yeast from the air. Normally, the yeast then consumes all the sugar in the tank before the wine is bottled. With Pet Nat, however, not all of the sugar must have been consumed during fermentation in the tank, but there must still be enough available. Therefore, the wine ferments in the tank to then be bottled before the sugar is gone. The same process then takes place there as with the regular method. Our Pet Nats are therefore perfect natural sparkling wines. Not only is wine made with minimal intervention, but so is the foam formation. Pet Nats are great companions in summer because their light pearling is particularly refreshing.

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