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El Fayoum - Weingut am Schlipf



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El Fayoum first hits with a note of orange followed by a slightly more complex flavor profile. The balance of light fruit notes with accentuated minerality and fine acidity makes it a wine that can be served with many dishes. It goes particularly well with poultry or halloumi.

Alcohol: 9.0 %

  • Grape varieties: 100% chasselas
  • Baden, Germany
  • 2020
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Weingut am Schlipf

The Schneider family at the Weingut am Schlipf winery have been producing fantastic wine for generations in southern Baden right on the Swiss border. The new generation, brothers Johannes and Christoph, have taken over and reinvented the winery. Their new line "Haus Gupi" focusses on making wine as naturally as possible. Without fining and with the minimal addition of sulfur, this line puts the grape in the foreground. GuPi stands for the two grapes used: Gutedel (Chasselas), a typical white grape from the region and Pinot Noir. The wines are full of character but always easy to drink. They are light, are low in alcohol and both slightly minerally with a special fruit character. Haus Gupi and the new generation of the Schneider family are just getting started and we look forward to seeing what surprises they have in store next. ...

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