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Red wine tasting box

Red wine tasting box

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The perfect introduction to natural wines for red wine lovers. Not too crazy and yet full of character, this is a wide selection of wines that go well with a variety of situations and accompaniments.

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Rouge de Saint Hippolyte Vieilles Vignes

From vines planted in 1961, this Pinot Noir is relatively strong for this grape. Many different fruit notes make this wine particularly interesting to drink. A great red wine that you can serve with a slightly lighter meal.

Base Nobody

Fruity, strong for a rosé and undoubtedly distinctive. The color is between rosé and red wine, but consists of 90% white wine. Particularly good chilled with pasta, for example.

Pinot Noir

There's a lot going on in this Pinot Noir: sour cherry and pepper on the nose. The taste has notes of candied cherry, watermelon, rosemary and dried cranberry. Suitable as an exciting accompaniment to food that can be served with something fruity as a companion, such as schnitzel. Best served slightly chilled.

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