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Beginner tasting box

Beginner tasting box

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The perfect introduction to natural wines. Not too crazy and yet full of character, this is a wide range of wines that suit a wide variety of situations and side dishes. Two white wines, one rosé and two red wines. 

In this box:


In this box:


Pepin - Rouge 03

An Alsatian Pinot Noir as it should be. Light and juicy, perfect for a summer evening or for lighter meals. Can be drunk slightly chilled.


Domaine Muller-Koeberlé - La Geiss Pinot Noir

A red wine full of energy! A wonderful example of one of our favourite hidden champions: Alsatian Pinot Noir. Light, intense fruit flavour and lively.


Achillee - Alsace

A light, crisp white wine with which Achillée wants to represent Alsace. The juicy consistency, typical of natural wine, comes through strongly, although the wine is relatively dry. Notes of lemon make this wine particularly refreshing and has already made many a taster curious about natural wine.


Weingut am Schlipf - La Boheme

Light, balanced and refreshing. Almost an all-rounder that can be enjoyed very well alone, with fish, seafood or even pasta.

Schmelzers Weingut - Rosé

A fantastic rosé that makes you wonder why rosé was ever out of fashion. The Zweigelt grape brings a powerful freshness that, together with the velvety body and dryness, makes the wine a great companion to a day in the sun.

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