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Pet Nats (Petillant Naturel) are sparkling wines produced with the Méthode Ancestral. While in traditional sparkling wines sugar and fine yeast are added to produce carbon dioxide, in Pet Nats only the natural yeast and the residual sugar of the wine are used.

In short, the most natural way to make sparkling wine.

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More about Pet Nat

What is Pet Nat?

Pét Nat is sparkling wine that keeps its foam naturally. Adding foam to a wine is not easy, which is why in the production of champagne, crémant, cava and other sparkling wines, external agents are added, for example a dosage consisting of sugar and yeasts. Pét Nat gets its foam naturally without any additives.

What does Pet Nat taste like?

Pét Nat has no different flavor than other sparkling wines, as most of it comes from the base wine. It would be quite possible to produce Pét Nat and Champagne from the same base wine. One obvious difference, however, is the perlage. With the addition of sugar and yeast, sparkling wines made using the traditional method are often more fizzy. Pét Nat often has a lighter bubble, which is why it is often described as a little "tender". The alcohol content of Pét Nats is also often lower than that of sparkling wines made with the Méthode. During fermentation, which is caused by the addition of yeast and sugar, additional alcohol is produced, with the Pét Nat remaining at the alcohol content of its base wine.

Where does Pet Nat come from?

Pét Nat is believed to be the original way of making sparkling wine. The first documented sparkling wine, the Blanquette de Limoux, was made using this method in 1531 in Limoux at the foot of the Pyrenees. What is believed to have been discovered from is not that easy to replicate, so other methods have become more popular.