Naturwein trinken in Berlin

Where to drink natural wine in Berlin

In our opinion, Germany is still a bit behind when it comes to natural wine. However, Berlin is without question the best place to go for lovers and those interested. There are more and more places in Berlin for natural wine, which is why we have compiled a small list for natural wine lovers who live in or visit Berlin. Here we focus on bars and wine shops that also serve glasses. For those who like to enjoy natural wine with a delicious meal, we have also compiled a list of restaurants. Not all of them have exclusively natural wine, but we don't like dogmatic approaches anyway.

Bars in Berlin where you can drink natural wine

Valla Vino

Address: Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin

Offer: Conventional wines & natural wines from different countries as well as snacks, tapas and culinary specialties.

Description: A great little bar in Prenzlauer Berg, integrated into a small food court, the Markthalle Pfefferberg. Whether you get to Marco or Elisa, you're in great hands. Most of the time, the selection of open wines is quite large and it's worth asking, among other things, which bottles they currently have open that are not on the menu. You can also often get a glass of Schmelzer from them.

Le Balto

Address: Hobrechtstraße 28, 12047 Berlin

Offer: Natural wines by the glass or bottle

Description: Brand new and in a beautiful location in Neukölln. A very relaxed bar with natural wines from Europe. If you also want to read a little more on the subject, you will also find a great selection of literature.

bar normal

Address: Oderberger Str. 7, 10435 Berlin

Offer: Great food & wine list consisting exclusively of natural wines.

Description: gastrobar, bar & restaurant, bar with kitchen? We don't quite know either, but one thing is for sure: at Bar Normal you can have great food and drink great wine. The cuisine has a German touch, but plays with some other influences.

Wine merchants in Berlin where you can drink natural wine

Wine Material

Address: Schönhauser Allee 156, 10435 Berlin

Offer: Natural wines delicacies and tapas from Spain.

Description: A diverse store with delicacies and wine from Spain. The team of Wine Material are extremely nice, open-hearted, competent and above all they love and know their wines. Almost every time are different bottles on, perfect to get to know new.

Drunk by Nature

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Berlin (Markthalle Neun)

Offer: The natural wine bar of the wine importer and seller "Suff". Here you can find their natural wine assortment also by the glass.

Description: In the middle of Markthalle Neun you can try some natural wines. There is a lot from Austria and Germany but also from Italy, Spain and France. A nice way to end an afternoon at the Markthalle.

Treat (Neukölln)

Address: Okerstraße 35, 12049 Berlin

Offer: Small store in Neukölln with great, exceptional natural wines and biodynamic wines that are often hard to find elsewhere.

Description: Treat has two stores in Berlin and in this one you can also try their wines. Most of the time there are some wines on and you can taste your way through some wine regions of the world. The atmosphere is relaxed and the wines are great, what more could you want?

Restaurants in Berlin where you can drink natural wine


Address: Weichselstraße 7, 12043 Berlin

Offer: plates to share made from regional ingredients and an incredibly large selection of natural wines from around the world.

Description: Clearly, when it comes to natural wine in Berlin, there's no getting around Jaja. For many, this bar is the mecca for natural wine in the capital. The cuisine cannot necessarily be assigned to one style or country, but is inspired by so many. Jaja places a lot of emphasis on regional ingredients for their dishes, which are best shared to get as many impressions as possible. The wine selection is second to none in Berlin and there is always a wide selection of open wines. Rarities can often be found here as well. A must for natural wine lovers staying in Berlin.


Address: Oderberger Str. 56, 10435 Berlin

Offer: Great food & wine list consisting of only natural wines.

Description: Incredibly good food with regional ingredients and great service. Very well selected small wine list with natural wines from Austria and Germany but also Spain, France and other countries. If you decide to have dinner there you probably need to book some time in advance as otto is relatively small and at the same time very popular. Our tip: book your slot rather later, because early bookings have only 2h available. In Otto also times 3-4h pass relatively quickly!

holly gastrobar

Address: Mainzer Str. 23, 12053 Berlin

Offer: an ever-changing menu & wine list. Influences from all over the world and natural wines too.

Description: A great restaurant in Neukölln with a varied menu and natural wines: it never gets boring.

If you want to drink natural wine just like that

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