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Orange wines are made from white grapes. However, instead of pressing them directly, as in white wine, the grapes macerate before pressing, which is usually done only in red wine and rosé. When this is done with White grapes, it is called Orange wine because of the color of the wine, which comes from the tannins in the mash.

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More about orange wine

What is orange wine?

Whether “amber wine”, “macerated white wine” or “orange wine” all mean wine made from white grapes, where the mash is left in the juice for a certain time during fermentation. 

What does orange wine taste like?

As with all wines, the grape, the terroir, the weather and the vintage have the greatest influence on the taste of the orange wine. Compared to white wines with the same characteristics, orange wines have a stronger body, often slightly less noticeable acidity, and fir that white wines don't have.

Where does orange wine come from?

The first orange wine was probably made in the Caucasus Mountains, in present-day Georgia, about 8000 years ago. Since scientists are still not sure where wine comes from and how long it has been around, it is possible that orange wine preceded white wine