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Orange wine tasting box

Orange wine tasting box

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This tasting box has a wide range of orange wines. Orange wine is made from white grapes, which are not pressed directly after the harvest, but are left to ferment with the mash for a while. This process was previously only used with red wine, but is now creating a newly discovered category of wine. This tasting box takes you from a very gentle orange wine, which differs only slightly from white wine, to something stronger, to Pet Nat, to the final fruity taste explosion. The perfect way to get to know orange wine.


Andreas Gsellmann - Zu Tisch

An entry-level orange wine that shows what Andreas Gsellmann has up his sleeve. Fruity on the nose and powerful on the palate.

Pépin - Orange

A great wine for everyone, but especially those who want to try orange wine. Drinks well alone but also with light food. Many Germans think of Gewürztraminer as a sweet wine, that is absolutely not the case with this (and almost all others in the store).


Domaine Muller-Koeberlé - Pétillant Naturel Bubble Rainette

Rainette is a Pet Nat that does not aspire to be ordinary. The juice comes from Riesling grapes and is fermented on Muscat skins, where it gets it's great color and extraordinary flavour. Refreshing tropical fruit notes, exciting and easy to drink.

Christophe Lindenlaub - Elefanta Orange

Yes, this wine really reminds you of Fanta without the sticky sweetness. Christophe creates this flavor profile by leaving the Auxerrois on the skins in the fermentation process. A great and unusual orange wine. The Elefanta Orange also has a sibling called Elefanta Citron.

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